Amish In America
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Copy Policy

What you may do with these maps and lists:

  1. You are free to copy in their entirety the pdf files from
  2. With written permission you may:
    - Add your own advertising to these pages.
    - Sell these pages at a rate not to exceed 25 cents per page.

What you may not do with these maps and lists:

  1. Obscure the copyright notice or
  2. Use the information on these pages to create your own map or list.
  3. Use the materials to produce a book, article, web copy, or any other material.

In return we ask:

  1. Let us know how you are using these pages.
  2. Direct viewers back to for photos and additional information on the Amish in Cashton.
  3. Consider supporting through the purchase of a display advertisement at an annual cost of $300.

We've made these pages freely available to you so that we can support Amish tourism in the area. We've invested considerable effort to collect and prepare this information and we are happy to share it under the terms set forth herein.

The information is provided "as is." Collin County Guide LLC and the contributors of this information are not liable for the use or misuse of this information.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

Let's work together to support Amish tourism in your community!

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