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Cashton in February

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During a recent tour of the Cashton Amish farms, we met some of the kindest people we've been blessed to meet. One of those folks, Jacob Detweiller, asked for our assistance in letting folks know that they are welcome to visit their farms. While tours are available and welcome, individuals and families will also receive a warm Amish welcome.

And while he did not ask us to start a website, that's exactly what we did. It is our gift to them and to those who wish to meet the Amish in Cashton, WI.

Our Story

It was a cold, winter day in February 2014 (are there warm winter days in February?) when I followed my sister, newly relocated to the La Crosse area, into a furniture shop looking for a dining room table. Drawn to the Amish-made tables, the selection was small and the particulars were not quite right.

Stopping in Walmart for some groceries, I noticed an Amish family down one of the aisles. While no one could describe me as shy, I was still a bit nervous about approaching them and assuming that because they were Amish, they'd know where I could purchase Amish-made furniture. After circling the aisles for a bit and telling my husband what I was planning, he chuckled--and then took off to another aisle! (My sister was in another part of the store.) So I gathered myself together and approached the family with "Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking, but my sister is interested in having a table made and she is new to the area. Do you have any idea where I might find an Amish person who makes furniture?"

wine in shopping cart That awkward bottle of wine felt this big!
After an awkward pause, the elder gentlemen smiled and said, "I make furniture." I was so relieved! He handed his card to me and I promised to stop in. As I pushed my cart away, I looked down and spotted it--the bottle of red wine sitting on top of the groceries. (In case it needs mentioning, the Amish do not drink wine.)

A couple of days later we drove out to Cashton, but there was a striking absence of signage or any sign of "Amish tourism" in the town of Cashton itself, which left us bewildered on how to find other farms open to visitors. Fortunately, we found the address provided by the Amish family in Walmart and my sister did purchase a table. She was fortunate to find one in stock that fit her needs perfectly. She also learned that if this table hadn't been what she was searching for, she could have ordered precisely the dimensions, style and color she wanted for her home.

When we returned in warmer weather, we spent some time driving around the back roads of Cashton. We delighted in meeting the many wonderful people selling candies, crafts and furniture. It was during this trip that we met Jacob Detweiler, who asked us to please tell the media and tourism sites that the public is encouraged to visit their farms, as this is an important part of their community's economy.

gun cabinet by Jacob Detweiler Hidden gun cabinet by Jacob Detweiler
Between our vacations to La Crosse, my sister visited the Cashton area multiple times with local friends and became more familiar with the Amish green houses, candy stores, bakeries, and craft shops. Touring the back roads visiting Amish farms proved to be a favorite past time of visiting friends and family.

Both my husband and I couldn't forget Jacob's plea to help him to get the word out that tourists are welcome to visit their farms. So, in August of 2015 we set aside a week to drive the roads of Cashton, Westby and Ontario, creating a new map of the local businesses. We added an essential component to the map that from experience tourists would need: restroom, food, and gas stops!

So in the end, my sister has her table and we have a new website, new friends, and a new adventure.

There were many folks in the Cashton area that encouraged us, both "Amish" and "English." A special thank you to my sister, who provided us with a B&B and accompanied us on the back roads more times than we can count; to Heather Olson at Central Express for the map that showed us the Amish roads, and the food that sustained us on our journeys; and to the many wonderful, welcoming Amish families who helped us to update the map and made us feel welcome.

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