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Do You Want to Contact the Amish in Cashton and Westby, Wisconsin?

An Amish farm in Cashton, WI

How to Contact the Amish in Cashton and Westby, Wisconsin

Can I call, text, or email an Amish businessman?

This may be stating the obvious to some, but the Amish in Cashton and Westby, Wisconsin do not have electricity or telephones; this means they do not have cell phones, the internet, or email.

The only way to reach a specific business person on this list, whether in an emergency or non-emergency situation, is through U.S. Mail. If you are like me, you're thinking, 'that's what they tell everyone, but I know there is another way to reach the Amish. I can't wait for snail mail.' Unfortunately, our statement earlier stands; you must use U.S. Mail.

What is the zip code for Cashton, WI?

The Cashton zip code is 54619.

What is the zip code for Westby, WI?

The Westby, zip code is 54667.

Can someone relay a message to an Amish business?

Imagine you run a gas station, restaurant, or cheese factory in an Amish area. People call and ask if you wouldn't mind just delivering a message to an Amish family in the area. What do you do? Do you leave your customers and drive twenty minutes down the road to deliver the message? If you do, who takes care of your customers? No, there is no one in Cashton or Westby who can drive to the business and deliver a message for you.

I have a general question about the Amish in Cashton or Westby. Who can I call?

The kind folks at Old Country Cheese have graciously agreed to accept your inquiries. They are located in the heart of the Amish community and sell cheese made from 230 Amish milk producers who live nearby.

Old Country Cheese is a wonderful stop to make when visiting the Amish. They sell over 120 varieties of Wisconsin cheese made on site from 120,000 pounds of milk daily. They also sell Wisconsin maple syrup, Amish candy, jams, and crafts. There are indoor tables, outdoor picnic tables, and restrooms available for your use.

When are the greenhouses open?

The greenhouses generally are open the last part of April or first part of May and stay open through the summer.

We cannot reach the Amish.

We reside in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and cannot reach the Amish in Cashton or Westby, Wisconsin. We receive numerous emails and phone calls asking us to reach the Amish, but we are located 30 miles from Cashton. We apologize, but we can no longer return these calls and emails.

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