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Visitor Tips and Etiquette for Visiting the Amish in Cashton, Wisconsin

Planning your trip to see the Amish in Cashton, WI

Questions You may ask when Visiting the Amish in Cashton and Westby, Wisconsin

Can I tour the farms of the Cashton Amish on my own? I've heard I need a tour guide.

Yes, you are welcome to visit the farms of the Cashton Amish! One of my Amish friends told me that he and his Amish neighbors want you to know that you are welcome to visit their farms and purchase their goods directly from them; you do not need a tour guide.

Which map is the most accurate? I've seen several available.

We work directly with the Amish and Old Country Cheese to keep our maps updated. Therefore, we believe this website to be accurate.

When do the greenhouses open in Cashton?

The greenhouses are typically open the 2nd or 3rd week in April while supplies last, typically through Memorial Day or the 2nd week of June.

Do you offer tours to the Cashton Amish farms?

Self-guided tours may be conducted at your own pace using the map and information on this website. Auto and bus tours are offered by local Cashton businesses.

What hours are the Cashton Amish businesses open?

Our friend tells us that they are up early and go to bed late, usually working in their mills after dark. The businesses do not close at 5:00, but we would recommend not stopping in after 6:00 in the evening.

Do the Cashton Amish observe Day Light Savings Time?

Most of the Cashton Amish do not observe Day Light Savings Time. Some of the Cashton Amish businesses that routinely deal with the public may choose to observe Day Light Savings Time.

Are there any days that the Amish in Cashton are closed to visitors? I heard the Amish are closed on Sunday.

The Amish are open six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. They are closed on Sunday and absolutely will not conduct business on Sunday. (Don't even try to explain that you've driven three hours to get there. Their deep religious convictions do not allow them to conduct business on Sunday.) The Amish businesses are closed on Good Friday, and Holy Thursday or Ascension Day.

Are all of the farms open for people to stop in?

Our friend advises us that if the farm is on the list on this website, it is open to stop in--even if there is not a sign out front. Occasionally, a farm will be sold or passed down to another family. If the family no longer conducts business there, the new owner will advise you. If you choose not to use our list and just drive "free-style," then please only stop at farms with a sign out front.

Are the Amish people friendly? Will they mind if I stop in?

Yes, they are very friendly, welcoming people. As stated above, we recommend you stop in only if you see a sign out front, if they are on this map, or if you're lost and need directions.

Why did an Amish child ignore me or not answer me?

Amish children only speak low-German (Pennsylvania Dutch) until they are taught English at six-years-old. German is the language spoken at home.

Are all of the Amish businesses open Monday thru Saturday?

Many of them are open all week, but some (such as a few bakeries) are only open Friday and Saturday. They may be open longer hours in the peak summer months.

Are the Amish businesses open in the winter?

Yes! It may be colder outside, but they still need to run their business.

Do the Amish businesses accept credit cards?


Do the Amish businesses accept checks?

Yes, many of the Amish businesses accept checks, but we suggest you bring cash for those that do not.

Is there an ATM in the area?

Yes, the Central Express Convenience Store and gas stations have an ATM. There is a convenience fee to use the ATM, so it would be best to plan ahead. We're told there is also an ATM at the bank in Cashton.

I drove into Cashton looking for a business selling Amish items or a visitor center, and didn't find anything. Where can I go when I'm in the area if I don't have time to visit the farms?

The Cashton Amish are not represented by a local Chamber of Commerce visitor center similar to the Amish in Ohio. A convenient Amish business at which to stop would be Old Country Cheese, our designated Visitors Center. Old Country Cheese makes cheese from the milk of Amish cows and sells food and crafts made by the Amish.
S510 County Rd D, Cashton

Cashton Amish Maps

Where can I get a map of the Cashton area Amish farms open to the public?

We provide maps that you can print from this website, or you may bring it up on your phone and follow it while you drive. The most current map, which was updated in July 2022, has an watermark. Be aware, they may charge for the map to cover their cost of printing.

There are also several out-of-date maps circulating and our friend tells us that there is a map available at the local gas station that charges the Amish to be included, so it is not as comprehensive as the map on this site. These maps will give you a general idea of the roads and where some businesses are located, but to be certain you have the most updated map, look for the one with our watermark. (We do not charge the Amish to be included on this map.)

We work with a local Amish man to keep this site updated for you--at no cost to you or to the Amish.


May I take photos of the Amish people?

The Amish in Cashton Wisconsin are very humble people and request that you do not take photos showing their faces. You may take photos from behind or of their buggies and horses.

Please remember that these folks are not actors in a theme park. They are merely going about living their daily lives and do not want photographs taken of them in their daily routine any more than you would want people with cameras snapping photos of you--and posting them who knows where.

Remember, respect is paramount. Ask before taking a photo. If you can't ask prior to taking the photo, ask after--and respect their decision.


Will the Amish have a bathroom I can use?

Some of the Amish businesses have outdoor facilities or port-a-potties, for their customers' use.

Where can I use a bathroom when I'm visiting the Amish?

Local businesses with available restrooms are indicated on the map. Also, see our question below on "Where can I buy food while I'm touring the Cashton Amish farms?"

Do the Amish sell hot food?

Although we have not found any Amish farms hosting meals, the Amish do sell bakery, nuts, and treats.

Where can I buy food when I'm touring the Cashton Amish farms?

Old Country Cheese, Pasture Pride Cheese, and Organic Valley Retail Store all sell cheese and other snack items. Several cafes are available in Westby. There are also a couple of restaurants in Cashton and Westby as well as "quick marts" where you can pick up some sandwiches to go.

Hotels/Motels/Beds and Breakfasts in Cashton, WI

Can you recommend any hotels, motels, or bed and breakfasts in Cashton, WI?

We are not familiar with the motels and B&Bs in Cashton. Tomah and La Crosse, Wisconsin are only a little over a half hour from Cashton. Sparta is even closer, just about 25 minutes.


What is the area like? Is it flat? Is it pretty?

The area around Cashton and Westby is absolutely gorgeous! You are surrounded by coulees (deep ravines). This experience is absolutely a step back in time.

What is the weather like?

The Cashton/Westby area experiences four seasons. Winter months can dip to minus twenty-five (-25) degrees and as high as the mid 80s in the summer.

Can I Call You?

We provided this website as a gift to the Amish businesses and do not have the support staff to answer phone calls. Please click on the link above entitled "Contact the Amish" for answers to questions.

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