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Amish Farms Selling Goods in Cashton, WI

Amish Farms in Cashton, WI open for business
You can follow our list and map and visit the farms of the Amish in Cashton, Wisconsin. You'll find everything from furniture made from reclaimed barn wood to wooden spoons of superior quality. Amish bakeries and candy shoppes are included in our list, which coordinates to the map of Amish businesses in Cashton.

If you prefer a list divided by business, simply click here.

Jacob Deitweiler and his Amish neighbors welcome you to visit their farms. You do not need a tour, but please check out our Tips page so you'll know when the Amish farms in Cashton are open to the public, the method of payments they'll accept, and where you'll find bathrooms when you're out in the Amish country of Cashton.

This listing was updated in August 2015. It is designed to correspond to the map of the "Amish country" on this site, which you may download as a PDF.

The list below is broken into catagories This may go without stating, but for those of you new to the world of the Amish, they do not have telephones or websites. The only way we have to verify these homes are open for business is by personally driving to each location. If you visit and find they are no longer active, please send an email to so we may update our list.

Download this list as a PDF.

Cashton Amish List of Businesses for Map
Map # Business or Owner Name Address Items for Sale
1 Country Lane Woodworking & Candy Shoppe 23993 County Hwy XU, Norwalk Candy, bakery, furniture
2 Shady Lawn Quilt Shop/Lovina Miller 15346 Cty Hwy F, Cashton Quilts, rugs, and crafts. Open all year, mostly weekends in winter.
3 Mendota Woodworking & Greenhouse/Crist Coblentz 15796 Mendota Ave, Cashton Baskets, furniture, crafts
4 Rolling Acres Woodworking/Henry M. Miller 27810 Newport Rd, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
5 Cook Creek Woodworks/David & Milo Hershberger 27830 Newport Rd, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
6 M&M Greenhouse 27908 Newport Rd, Cashton Plants in season
7 Valley Wood Products/Levi Hostetler 18736 Nickel Ave, Ontario Furniture, game calls, maple syrup
8 Scenic Ridge Furniture/Eli U. Miller 26467 Melrose Rd, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
9 Hillcrest Woodworking/Eli S. Troyer 13262 Mascot Ave, Cashton Furniture
10 Ridgeland Oak Wodworking/Steve Troyer 13144 Meadow Ave, Cashton Furniture, toy chests, rocking horses
11   27924 Nevada Rd, Cashton Furniture
12 Custom Built Kitchen & Bath Cabinets/Daniel Yoder 28252 Network Rd, Cashton Cabinets
13 Hershberger Cabinetry/Abe Hershberger 28795 Network Rd, Cashton Furniture, cabinets, sheds
14 Sunrise Metal Shop/Atlee J. and Mary Miller 28508 Cty Hwy U, Cashton Custom sheet metal
15 Nisley's Country Woodworking 28602 Cty Hwy U, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
16 H&L Rustic Furniture/Henry E. Miller 28681 Cty Hwy U Cashton Furniture
17 Keim's Trout Farm/Leroy Keim 13920 Hwy 33, Cashton Trout farm open to public. Gates & custom quilts
18 Countryside Bakery 14872 Hwy 33, Cashton Bakery, crafts
19 Bush Creek Antler Mounting & Custom Furniture 14864 Hwy 33, Cashton Furniture & antler mounting
20 Valley Farm Parts   Ornamental steel wheels
21 R&E Sales 15267 Hwy 33, Cashton Band saw, blade & tool sharpening
22 Brush Creek Greenhouse 16905 O'Neil Ave. (Take Opal Road off Hwy 33) Tropicals
23 Country Discount Store 30970 Opal Rd, Ontario General Store
24 Atlee A. Miller S115A Opaque Rd, Cashton Saddle repair
25 J&D Hickory Bent Furniture/Mose Kempf 17807 Hwy 33, Ontario Furniture
26 Produce Stand 18312 Hwy 33, Ontario Produce in season
27 Trails End (Amish Walmart) S302A Little Ridge Rd, Ontario General store, antique store
28 Atlee D. & Edna Yoder S400 Little Ridge Rd, Ontario Sheds and mini barns
29 Andrew C. & Katie Kauffman S1692 Sand Hill Rd, LaFarge Watch and clock repair
30 Joe A. Kauffman E11995 Sunset Dr, LaFarge Custom cabinets and furniture
31 Grand View Woodworking/Reuben Shrock S1455 Sand Hill Rd, LaFarge Crafts; pocket watches, clocks, cookie cutters, vintage gears
32 Hill & Valley Woodwork/Hill Crest Greenhouse/John L. Miller S1390A Sand Hill Rd, LaFarge Custom-built furniture; mums
33 Hickory Hill Bakery/Andrew A. Hershberger S1257 24 Valley Rd, LaFarge Baked from scratch bakery
34 Scenic View Bulk Foods/Mary Hershberger E11817 Irish Ridge Road, Cashton Produce, candy, quilts, dry goods for quilts
35 Homestead Products/Paul Shrock E11742 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Grandfather clocks, furniture
36 Ruben Miller S1126 Parker Rd, Cashton Birdhouses, trellis, rocking chairs, mums
37 Irish Ridge Sales S981 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Home and farm supplies retail, canned pickles and beets.
38 J&R Greenhouse S974 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Perennials and seasonal house plants
39 Sunny Side Greenhouse S949 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton  
40 Meadow Ridge Cabins/Neil Kauffman S905 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Custom-built log homes and cabins
41 Irish Ridge Greenhouse/John C. Kauffman S800 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Pots & baskets, gardening & irrigation supplies
42 Hickory View Greenhouse/Candy Shop/Joe & Amanda Kauffman S805 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Variety of seasonal plants, homemade candies and jams
43 Meadow Ridge Construction/Chester M. Miller S690 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Custom-built log cabins, mini barns, View them at S690 Irish Ridge Rd
44 Maple View Bakery/Monroe G.   Elizabeth C. Miller S688 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Bakery. Open Fri   Sat
45 Farm Fresh Produce S689 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Self-serve indoor produce   pickles Unisex restroom (not flushing).
46 Miller's Greenhouse/Barbara Miller S636 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton House plants in season
47 Gingerich Golden Maple Syrup/Jacob Gingerich E11295 W. Norwegian Valley Rd, Ontario Maple syrup
48 Fresh Fruit Farm/Neil   Leena Gingreich E11116 W Norwegian Valley Rd, Ontario Home-canned items, wooden letters, stools,   spoons, petrified wood
49 Daniel J. & Amelia Schmucker S554 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Hardwood Flooring
50 Machine Repair Shop/Joe Schmuker S473 Oneida Rd, Cashton Machine and repair
51 Quality Bedroom & Living room Furniture/Elmer Miller S269 Oneida Rd, Cashton Oak & cherry bedroom and living room furniture
52 Detweiler Workshop #4 S238 Oneida Rd, Cashton Custom oak and cherry furniture, maple syrup, rugs
53 Borntreger's Leather Shop/Chester Borntreger 14148 Oneida Rd, Cashton Leather shop, shoe repair, dress belts, deer skin gloves, wallets, pens
54 Andy N. Kauffman 14042 Oneida Rd, Cashton Custom small barns and buildings
55 Growers Produce Auction S347 Dell Rd, Cashton Produce and Amish goods auctions open select dates.
56 Jonas and Lydian Kauffman S0434 Sletten Lane, Cashton Crafts, sheepskin, hickory bent rockers, canned items
57 Jeff D. & Kathryn M. Miller S471 Currier Rd, Cashton Rustic log railings and bedroom sets
58 Miller's Farm Fresh Produce   Candy/Clarence   Elsie H. Miller S371 County Rd D Cashton Farm fresh produce and homemade candies
59 Detweiler Workshop #3/Jacob J. Detweiller S336 Cty Rd D, Cashton Custom-built furniture
60 Hill   Vale Bakery S289 County Rd D Cashton, Cashton Bakery items and crafts
61 Knapp Hollow Orchard/Jake A. and Fannie D. Detweiler S398A Knapp Valley Rd, Cashton Woven rugs and custom weaving; maple & birch syrup
62 Knapp Valley Greenhouse/Johnny Jr. & Emma Herschberger S788 Knapp Valley Rd, Westby Wooden spoons, willow crafts, rugs, baskets, planters, plants
63 Rustic Log Furniture/Neil J. Kauffman E10289 Wang Ridge Rd, Cashton Bedroom & outdoor furniture, kitchen cabinets
64 Shady Maple Woodshop S1101 Cty Hwy D, Cashton Coffee tables, end tables, hutches and more
65 Shady Nook Lawn Furniture/Marvin Miller E10515 Cary Rd, Cashton Outdoor furniture & rockers
66 Hershberger Oak Crafts/Aden Hershberger E10611 Cary Rd, Cashton Folding wooden baskets
67 Custom Bandsaw Sharpening/Freeman J. Miller E10862 Cary Rd, Cashton Band saw sharpening
68 Levi L. & Sarah A. Miller S1413 Woods Ridge Rd, Cashton Custom finishing and wooden bowls
69 Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry/Levi J. R. Miller S1414 Woods Ridge Rd, Cashton Kitchen & bath cabinetry; candy shop in the winter
70 Hochstetler's Bakery/Daniel M. & Barbara Hochstetler S1736 Cty Hwy D, Westby Baked goods, candies, jams, noodles, maple syrup, crafts
71 Andy Miller Candies 810096 Andy Miller Rd, Westby Candies   mixed nuts
72 Ridgeview Blacksmith/Lester Hershberger S1894 Cty Hwy D&P, Westby Custom trimming & shoeing
73 Hershberger Carpentry/Menno C. Hershberger & Sons S2023 Cty Hwy D, Westby Custom-built mini barns, storage sheds and cabins
74 Sugar Grove Maple Supplies S2030 Cty Hwy D, Westby Maple syrup and supplies
75 Hidden Hillside Garden Seeds & Greenhouse S2185 Cty Hwy D, Westby Garden seeds, greenhouse, woven rugs
76 Buckeye Ridge Greenhouse E11032 Buckeye Ridge Rd, LaFarge Greenhouse
77 Christ Hershberger E10784 E Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Woodworking
78 A L Fruit E10685 E Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Butter, cheese, honey, peaches
79 Twin Hickory Bulk Foods/Chester M. & Malinda M. Miller E10664 E Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Grocery and bulk foods, canning jars, rugs, vitamins
80 Maple Grove Bakery E10388 E Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Bakery and eggs
81 Countryside Candy Shoppe/Susan Hershberger E10671 E Bloomingdale Rd, Westby Candies, pickles, maple & orange cremes, wooden bowls, outdoor rugs
82 Custom Cabinets S2401 Cole Rd, Westby Kitchen and bath; only makes drawers here.
83 Sunrise Bakery/Hershberger E9765 Pa's Rd, Westby Baked goods, candies, jams, pickles & canned items, produce in summer
84 Country Side Repair, Furniture & Toys/Melvin Hershberger E9847 Pa's Rd, Westby  
85 Bloomingdale Tarp & Upholstery S2104 Eagle View Lane, Westby Tarp & upholstery
86   29340 Cty Rd PC, Cashton Custom Built Mini Barns
87 Detweilers Produce/Daniel Detweiler 29907 Cty Rd PC, Cashton Produce, raw honey from this farm, maple syrup, flowers, eggs, pickles
A Central Express, Cashton 633 Front St, Cashton Gas, food, quick mart, restrooms, ATM
B Pasture Pride Cheese 110 Eagle Dr, Cashton Cheese from Amish milk, ice cream, Amish gifts, restrooms
C Old Country Cheese S510 County Rd D, Cashton Cheese from Amish milk, Amish Gifts, Restrooms
D Ontario Fastrip 201 N Garden St, Ontraio Gas, quick mart, restrooms
E Central Express, Westby 411 N Main St, Westby Gas, full restaurant, restrooms, ATM
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