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Amish Produce Stands and Produce Auction in Cashton, WI

Amish produce at the Cashton, WI produce auction

Produce Grown by the Amish

Produce is available in season (May thru September) at these stands and at the produce auction. Harvest differs by the month. Typically berries and cold-growing veggies are available first followed by summer veggies and sweet corn. Photo taken above at Produce Auction in August.

Cashton Amish List of Produce Stands
Map # Business or Owner Name Address Items for Sale
26 Produce Stand 18312 Hwy 33, Ontario Produce in season
34 Scenic View Bulk Foods/Mary Hershberger E11817 Irish Ridge Road, Cashton Produce, candy, quilts, dry goods for quilts
45 Farm Fresh Produce S689 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Self-serve indoor produce   pickles Unisex restroom (not flushing).
55 Growers Produce Auction S347 Dell Rd, Cashton Produce and Amish goods auctions open select dates. (photo, August)
58 Miller's Farm Fresh Produce   Candy/Clarence   Elsie H. Miller S371 County Rd D Cashton Farm fresh produce and homemade candies
87 Detweilers Produce/Daniel Detweiler 29907 Cty Rd PC, Cashton Produce, raw honey from this farm, maple syrup, flowers, eggs, pickles

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