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Amish Woodworkers and Furniture Builders in Cashton, WI

Amish furniture and cabinet makers in Cashton, WI

Amish Furniture & Cabinet Makers

You can't get too far down the road without seeing a sign for Amish custom-made furniture or cabinets!

We were particularly impressed with Jacob Detweiler's (Detweiler Workshop #3) hidden gun cabinets, disguised as hutches and blanket chests. These included magnetic locks to keep the guns safely locked away. One of the oddest orders Jacob tells us he ever received was for a coffin--disguised as a bookcase until the owner could make use of its original purpose!

Jacob wants you to know he does not make Amish furniture, but he is Amish--and he does make quality, handmade furniture.

Your imagination is your only barrier to custom-made furniture. But be prepared to wait six weeks to over a year, as the craftsmen with exceptional talent and reputation are often backed up with orders.

We thought you'd enjoy a glimpse into the workshop of one of the woodworkers. Mendota Woodworking provided us with permission to show you their saw and the generator that powers it.

Family members typically will not compete with one another, so one Amish man may build the tables while his son builds the chairs for the tables. They may be sold in the same "store" on the Amish farm or they may be sold at separate farms.

Your order is not limited by wood species or style--the sky is the limit, even if you prefer reclaimed barn wood. Many of today's styles may be custom ordered. (For samples, click on the links on this page).

Updated June 1, 2019

Cashton Amish List of Custom-built Furniture & Cabinets
Map # Business or Owner Name Address Items for Sale
4 H&L Rustic Furniture/Henry E. Miller 28681 Cty Hwy U Cashton Furniture and home decor
5 Nisley's Country Woodworking 28602 Cty Hwy U, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
7 Ray L. Mast 28336 Omega Rd, Cashton Custom kitchen cabinets
8 Ridgeland Oak Wodworking/Steve Troyer 13144 Meadow Ave, Cashton Furniture, toy chests, rocking horses
9 Hillcrest Woodworking/Eli S. Troyer 13262 Mascot Ave, Cashton Furniture
10 Daniel Miller 13116 Mascot Ave, Cashton Custom kitchen cabinets
11 Levi D. Miller 26652 Matchbox Ave, Cashton Custom kitchen cabinets
12 Samuel D. Miller 12402 Mason Ave, Cashton Custom kitchen cabinets
13 Scenic Ridge Furniture/Eli U. Miller 26467 Melrose Rd, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
14 Eli R. Miller 27924 Nevada Rd, Cashton Log Furniture
15 Custom Built Kitchen & Bath Cabinets/Daniel Yoder 28252 Network Rd, Cashton Cabinets
16 Hershberger Molding/Abner Hershberger 28795 Network Rd, Cashton Hardwood moldings
17 Cook Creek Woodworks/David & Milo Hershberger 27830 Newport Rd, Cashton Furniture, cabinets
18 Roman Troyer 28099 Newport Rd, Cashton Poly outdoor furniture
20 Rolling Acres Woodworking/Henry M. Miller 26635 Merrimac Rd, Norwalk Furniture, cabinets
21 Chris B. Hostetler 26320 Merrinac Rd, Norwalk Woodworker
23 Mendota Woodworking & Greenhouse/Crist Coblentz 15796 Mendota Ave, Cashton Baskets, furniture, crafts
25 Country Lane Woodworking & Candy Shoppe 23993 County Hwy XU, Norwalk Candy, bakery, furniture
26 Valley Wood Products/Levi Hostetler 18736 Nickel Ave, Ontario Furniture, game calls, maple syrup
27 J&D Hickory Bent Furniture/Mose Kempf 17807 Hwy 33, Ontario Furniture
32 Brush Creek Antler Mounting & Custom Furniture 14864 Hwy 33, Cashton Furniture & antler mounting
34 Pioneer Woodworks/Daniel E. Miller E8958 East Ridge Rd, Westby Custom kitchen cabinets
35 Southwest Kitchens/Mahlon L.L. Miller E9002A Buros Lane, Westby Custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets
39 Country Side Repair/Melvin Hershberger E9847 Pa's Rd, Westby Furniture & children's toys (including horse stables)
41 Miller's Woodworking/Andy P. Miller E10070 County Rd P, Westby Tables and chairs
43 Freeman L.A. Miller E9842-A Goplin Rd, Westby Custom woodworking
44 Jonas Miller E9958 Goplin Rd, Westby Custom kitchen cabinets
45 Johnnie S. Miller E9869 Goplin Rd, Westby Custom kitchen cabinets
46 Detweiler Workshop #1 S950 Clinton Ridge Rd, Westby Custom interior pre-hung, swinging and sliding doors (commercial and residential)
48 Rustic Log Furniture/Neil J. Kauffman E10289 Wang Ridge Rd, Cashton Bedroom & outdoor furniture, kitchen cabinets
51 Detweiler Workshop #3/Jacob J. Detweiller S336 Cty Rd D, Cashton Custom-built furniture, kitchen cabinets, garden seeds (Referred to in intro page)
53 Jeff D. & Kathryn M. Miller S471 Currier Rd, Cashton Rustic log railings and bedroom sets
56 Shady Maple Woodshop S1101 Cty Hwy D, Cashton Coffee tables, end tables, hutches and more
57 John R. Troyer S1230 County Rd D, Cashton Hickory Bent Furniture
58 Shady Nook Lawn Furniture/Marvin Miller E10515 Cary Rd, Cashton Outdoor furniture & rockers, custom finishing
59 Hershberger Oak Crafts/Aden Hershberger E10611 Cary Rd, Cashton Folding wooden baskets, furniture, cabinets
61 Joe Hachstetler 10746 Cary Rd, Cashton Furniture, live edge tables
62 Levi L. & Sarah A. Miller S1413 Woods Ridge Rd, Cashton Custom finishing and wooden bowls
63 Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry/Levi J. R. Miller S1414 Woods Ridge Rd, Cashton Kitchen & bath cabinetry; candy shop in the winter
68 Alvin E. Hershberger S2062 County Rd D, Westby drawer shop
69 Custom Cabinets S2401 Cole Rd, Westby Kitchen and bath; only makes drawers here.
72 Johny Hershberger E10784 E Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Bent Hickory, Woodworking
73 Mast Cabinetry/Sam Mast E10772 E. Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Custom kitchen cabinets
77 Leroy J. Yoder E11402 Willow La, Cashton Kitchen cabinets
78 Joe A. Kauffman E11995 Sunset Dr, LaFarge Custom cabinets and furniture
79 Grand View Woodworking/Reuben Shrock S1455 Sand Hill Rd, LaFarge Crafts; pocket watches, clocks, cookie cutters, vintage gears
80 Hill & Valley Woodworking/Hill Crest Greenhouse/John L. Miller S1390A Sand Hill Rd, LaFarge Custom-built furniture; mums
81 Johny Kauffman S1210 Sand Hill Rd, LaFarge Rustic log furniture
83 Homestead Products/Paul Shrock E11742 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Grandfather clocks, furniture
86 Ruben Miller S1126 Parker Rd, Cashton Birdhouses, trellis, rocking chairs, mums
88 Crist Kauffman S1309 Mast Rd, Cashton Bent hickory furniture
94 Quality Bedroom & Living room Furniture/Elmer Miller S269 Oneida Rd, Cashton Oak & cherry bedroom and living room furniture
95 Detweiler Workshop #4 S238 Oneida Rd, Cashton Custom oak and cherry furniture, maple syrup, rugs
99 Noah Schmucker S554 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Hardwood Flooring

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