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Amish Bakeries and Candy Shoppes in Cashton, WI

Amish Bakeries and Candy Shoppes in Cashton, WI

Amish Bakeries

Amish bakeries and homemade candy shoppes can be found throughout your tour of the Amish farms in the Cashton area. Sometimes you just want something homemade to take home. Most bakeries are open Saturday and Sunday; some sell discounted bakery on Monday.

What you should know about Amish bakeries in Cashton: not all of the baked goods are made from scratch; be sure to ask! Some of the bakeries use oil or lard rather than butter. (Do a little research on lard and you may decide to bake with rendered lard yourself!)

Remember, basic health principles apply, even if the Amish do things differently from you and me. For example, many Amish bakeries leave lemon meringue pie sit out after baking--for a couple of days. According to research online, this is not a safe practice. You may wish to purchase items that you, too, would leave sit out on your kitchen counter.

Many Amish bakeries sell eggs, but if they've been washed, they need to be refrigerated. When we've inquired, the eggs were washed--but not refrigerated.

Amish Candy Shops

Some of the most delicious candy you will find is handmade by the Amish. If you don't have time to visit these Amish farms, the cheese shops and quick marts on our list do typically sell Amish candy.

Cashton Amish List of Bakeries, Candy Shops, and Bulk Food Stores
Map # Business or Owner Name Address Items for Sale
1 Country Lane Woodworking & Candy Shoppe 23993 County Hwy XU, Norwalk Candy, bakery, furniture
18 Countryside Bakery 14872 Hwy 33, Cashton Bakery, crafts
33 Hickory Hill Bakery/Andrew A. Hershberger S1257 24 Valley Rd, LaFarge Baked from scratch bakery
42 Pine Grove Candy Shoppe   Hickory View Greenhouse/Joe   Amanda Kauffman S805 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Homemade candies and jams and variety of seasonal plants
44 Maple View Bakery/Monroe G.   Elizabeth C. Miller S688 Irish Ridge Rd, Cashton Bakery. Open Fri   Sat
55 Growers Produce Auction S347 Dell Rd, Cashton Bakery and candy is sold at the auctions open select dates.
60 Hill   Vale Bakery S289 County Rd D Cashton, Cashton Bakery items and crafts
69 Kitchen   Bath Cabinetry/Levi J. R. Miller S1414 Woods Ridge Rd, Cashton Candy shop in the winter
70 Hochstetler's Bakery/Daniel M.   Barbara Hochstetler S1736 Cty Hwy D, Westby Baked goods, donuts, candies, jams, noodles, maple syrup, crafts
71 Andy Miller Candies 810096 Andy Miller Rd, Westby Candies   mixed nuts
80 Maple Grove Bakery E10388 E Salem Ridge Rd, LaFarge Bakery and eggs
81 Countryside Candy Shoppe/Susan Hershberger E10671 E Bloomingdale Rd, Westby Candies, pickles, maple & orange cremes, wooden bowls, outdoor rugs
83 Sunrise Bakery/Hershberger E9765 Pa's Rd, Westby Baked goods, candies, jams, pickles & canned items, produce in summer

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