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The Details:

We are the only website with information for the Cashton Amish businesses, providing a self-guided tour map of the area.

Ad Size:

We sell one size: 240x180 pixels
Why? Because our site is fully responsive, and it looks great whether viewed on mobile or a desktop! Over 62% of our viewers consistently visit us on a mobile device or tablet.

Ad Rate:

$300 annually, payable in one payment. We cannot break the amount into smaller payments.

If you purchase two ads at the same time and use the same ad on a different page, the second ad is $150.


We will accept a check for payment or we can send an invoice to you via PayPal so you may pay with a credit card.

Make your check payable to Collin County Guide LLC and mail to:

Collin County Guide
190 E. Stacy Rd, #306143
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We will begin building or posting your ad once your payment has been received.

Where Will Your Ad Appear?

Your ad will appear at the top of the one page you select. If you would like your ad to appear on two pages, the second ad is half price.

Send Your Completed Ad to Us:

Send your ad to:

Building an ad is not included in this rate. We ask that you send your completed ad to us in a 240x180 pixel .jpg format. If you cannot send a completed ad to us, we will build one for you at a rate of $50, which includes one revision.

An easy-to-use program to build your own ad is


We can be reached by calling 469-425-5000 or send an email to

We are happy to help you!

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